Cheong Chien Li

I'm a


A Computer Science (Software Engineering) undergraduate equipped with strong programming background and problem-solving skills. Recognized as a team player who has excellent communication and leadership skills.

Software Engineer.

Aspiring to be a Software Engineer who aims to develop quality software that is beneficial to the world.

  • Birthday: 13 May 2000
  • Personality: ISTJ - A
  • Phone: +6012-513 9022
  • City: Subang Jaya, Selangor
  • Age: 23
  • Degree: Undergraduate
  • Email:

First exposed to coding in 2018, and found a passion for it ever since. Picked-up an interest in cloud computing, and currently aiming to gain more experience in the field of cloud technology.

Technical Statistics

Some statistics about my tech-related skills and experience.

Programming Languages that I have worked with.

Significant Projects that I have completed.

Years of coding experience.

Coding Competitions that I have won or participated in.

Communication Languages

I am able to communicate in various languages, as well as the Cantonese dialect.

English [Oral]80%
Bahasa Malaysia [Oral]70%
Mandarin [Oral]70%
English [Written]80%
Bahasa Malaysia [Written]70%
Mandarin [Written]60%


A summary of all my skills, experience, and qualifications. Feel free to download my Resume for your perusal.


Cheong Chien Li

Computer Science undergraduate equipped with strong programming background and problem-solving skills. Recognized as a team player who has excellent communication and leadership skills.

  • Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.
  • +6012-513 9022


Bachelor of Computer Science (Software Engineering)

2019 - Present

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor Bahru

CGPA: 3.97 / 4.00

Gained knowledge and experience in various Computer Science topics. Most significant modules include Database Design, Human-Computer Interaction, Data Structures & Algorithms, Software Design Architecture, Object-Oriented Programming, etc.

UTM Foundation Programme

2018 - 2019

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Skudai, Johor Bahru

CGPA: 3.97 / 4.00

Gained knowledge on fundamental science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Calculus, and Statistics. Basic procedural programming concepts were also taught using the C++ programming language.


Can You Hack It 2021: ASEAN Edition



Organized by Hong Leong Bank & Jomhack

  • Brainstormed and executed plans to solve a problem statement regarding carbon footprint monitoring.
  • Worked together with 2 other members of the development team to complete the project within the deadline.
  • Developed a web application to track and calculate Carbon Footprint emission, using Flask Framework and Google Cloud Platform technologies.
  • Ideated and conveyed this application to the team members as well as the judges.

2021 2nd KIBO Robot Programming Challenge

[Preliminary Round Champion & Finalist]


Organized by NASA and JAXA

  • Won as the Champion in the Preliminary Round, against participants from all over Malaysia.
  • Represented Malaysia to participate in the Final Round against representatives from other countries.
  • Devised algorithms to move Nasa’s Astrobee within the International Space Station to complete the given tasks.
  • Gained experience on developing APK files using Java in Android Studio.
  • Reference: 2021 2nd KIBO RPC


Some of the most significant projects that I have completed before.

  • All
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Desktop

Extracurricular Involvements

Some of my most note-worthy involvements in extracurricular activites.

UTM Badminton Team Manager

Managed UTM's Badminton Team for the session 2021/22. Planned and organized selections sessions and training schedules.

UTM Badminton Team Captain

Captain of UTM's Badminton Team for the session 2019/20. Responsible for the wellfare of the team members, as well as leading the training sessions.

District-Level Badminton Player

Represented the Petaling District in Selangor to play against players from other districts from 2013 to 2017.

School-Level Basketball Player

Represented SMK USJ 8 to play against other high schools. MSSD Champion for Basketball in 2015.

ABRSM Grade 8 - Piano

Achieved the level of ABRSM Grade 8 in piano in 2018.


A few words of good faith from those who have worked with me professionally.

I am very certain to say that Chien Li was a good student. He was a conscientious student. He maintained excellent grades and was among the top student of his batch. For me, his qualities work not only in written examination but also good in the discussion, presentations, and technical skills. As his lecturer for these two years, I feel confident that he will continue to succeed in his career path.

Ts. Dr. Johanna Binti Ahmad

Senior Lecturer, UTM

He is a very committed leader who always does his best to make the team full of energy. He is not only good with programming, he is also active in joining extracurricular activities like badminton, basketball and hackathons. His passion and hardwork always encouraged me to work hard too. So, I can say that he is a very good role model for us.

Soo Toh Xin Hui

Student, UTM

To be honest, he is the first person I met who is so well-rounded. He is good academically by being a top student, and also good at sports as a badminton player. Despite his incredible advantage over his batch of friends, he is a humble person with an attitude to learn from anyone he meets. He also works very well in groups by solving any obstacles faced in a group project, while helping others with his knowledge.

Tai Wen Jun

Student, UTM

In my opinion and previous experience working with Chien Li, I would describe him as a goal-oriented person. He always plan things ahead to get things done within the deadline and never procrastinate. He is a great team leader as well, he is dedicated to his work and always know what to priorotize. As the saying goes, work hard play hard, he is not just a "nerd" by doing well in studies but also sports. From what I know, he is an excellent badminton and basketball player that I always enjoy playing with. He is funny, responsible and sociable. As a conclusion, he is one of a kind!

Chong Kai Jie

Student, UTM

He is a very amiable person. He has his own opinions and is very good at dealing with others. He is a very responsible person and will definitely complete the assigned tasks within the specified time. Besides, he is diligent and also plays a lot of sports such as basketball, badminton and other sports. He is an energetic person.

See Wen Xiang

Student, UTM

He is very reliable in performing any individual and group tasks, and he always makes decisions based on very well defined structure and goals.

Loo Zhi Xuen

Student, UTM


Please feel free to reach out to me for any inquiries or opportunities.


USJ 15, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


+6012-513 9022